Valuing Cross-Border Investments: A Module Note

Harvard Business School Module Note 206-125.

The module explores how valuation differs in an international context and introduces students to the major issues in cross-border valuations: how to value investments in currencies other than the home currency; how to calculate the appropriate discount rates for projects in different countries; and how and when to incorporate country risk into valuations.

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Foreign Exchange Hedging Strategies at General Motors: Transactional and Translational Exposures

(w/ M. Veblen) HBS Case 205-095. 

How should a multinational firm manage foreign exchange exposures? Examines transactional and translational exposures and alternative responses to these exposures by analyzing two specific hedging decisions by General Motors.

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Financing Decisions within the Firm: A Module Note

Harvard Business School Module Note 206-124.

The module focuses on the financial and managerial issues that confront managers who make financial decisions within multinational firms: how subsidiaries should be financed and owned, how repatriations should be conducted, how different tax regimes influence financial decisions, and how firms can measure and compare the performance of businesses and managers in different countries.

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