Leading with Finance is a Harvard Business School program through Harvard Business School Online

An understanding of finance is essential to success in today’s business environment. In this course from Harvard Business School Professor Mihir Desai, you will learn not only the theories of finance and how to interpret the numbers, but also how to apply that knowledge to making smarter financial decisions and how to communicate those decisions to key stakeholders. Leading with Finance is offered via the innovative HBS Online learning platform which emphasizes active, social, and case-based learning.

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General Management Program (GMP)

GMP is a Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

The General Management Program (GMP) at Harvard Business School (HBS) is designed to help you accelerate this leadership transformation and play a greater role in your company's success. Through a unique modular format that blends personalized learning on campus with practical application on the job, GMP minimizes your time away from work and maximizes your learning investment.

Global Strategic Management (GSM)

GSM is a Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

Successful multinationals know how to operate seamlessly across borders. Focused on strategy and international competition, this program explores the tough strategic choices that multinational executives face as they formulate, implement, test, and adapt a strategy to compete around the world. You'll return to your company with the analytic frameworks and strategic tools to design and execute a single coherent multinational strategy and structure your organization with the processes, systems, and best practices to support its success across borders.

Families in Business

Families in Business is a Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

In a business environment characterized by intense competition and complex dynamics, family-owned companies face unique challenges. During this program, you'll learn how to leverage the strengths of family business management and gain the tools to build a family office separate from the operating business. You'll also learn how to successfully implement practices that drive high performance, shareholder loyalty, and healthy family relationships.

Senior Executive Leadership Program—China

Senior Executive Leadership Program—China is a Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

Today's business environment offers ample opportunity for spectacular financial success. A combination of factors—globally integrated markets, technology that lowers the barriers to entry into lucrative fields of commerce, and substantial returns to firms' speed and agility—create exciting openings for talented executives and ambitious organizations. At the same time, the present environment creates unprecedented challenges for Chinese companies. A crowded marketplace, copycat competitors, higher labor cost, and slower growth are only a few of the pressing issues. In order to take advantage of the current opportunities and navigate the obstacles, organizations need exceptional leaders—executives who are forward-thinking, strategic, and of the latest trends in the global economy.

Taught in a series of modules offered in Boston and Shanghai, the Senior Executive Leadership Program—China helps you become a stronger leader. It will sharpen your ability to deliver value, drive innovation, and build accountable, high-performance organizations.

Senior Executive Leadership Program—Africa

Senior Executive Leadership Program—Africa is a Harvard Business School Executive Education program.

With 54 independent countries, Africa faces a distinct set of social, economic, and political conditions that create unique business challenges—along with exciting opportunities. To achieve their considerable potential, Africa's businesses need executives who can design and execute effective strategies for growth within and beyond the continent. These leaders must also excel at creating innovative offerings, nurturing high-performance teams and organizations, and navigating rapid change in Africa's dynamic markets.

The Senior Executive Leadership Program—Africa is designed to strengthen your leadership skills and build your insight into local, regional, and global markets, the program explores the proven approaches of successful leaders in Africa and around the globe, preparing you to compete effectively, seize the region's many growth opportunities, and sustain success for your firm.

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Taxation is a Harvard Law School course.

This course focuses on the U.S. federal income tax and the policy considerations that inform the design of the tax, which has become an important governmental tool for influencing many aspects of modern American life. The course accordingly examines not only the concept of taxable income, but also how the federal government uses the tax to influence the behavior of taxpayers across the income spectrum. A principal goal of this course is also to teach students to analyze and apply a complex federal statute.