Discussion of “Productivity and Taxes as Drivers of FDI”

by A. Razin and E. Sadkain Brookings Trade Forum, 2007.

Their theoretical work emphasizes how set-up costs at home and in the host country can drive a wedge between marginal and total profit conditions. This insight combines with a description of FDI decision-making that separates the decision to invest and how much to invest. 

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Discussion of "Saving and Cohabitation: The Economic Consequences of Living with One’s Parents in Italy and the Netherlands"

by R. Alessi, A. Brugiavini and G. Weber in NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics, 2004.  

The Alessi, Brugiavini and Weber (ABW) paper provides an illuminating introduction to the consequences of income shares for savings decisions within composite households.

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