Wisdom of Finance: Discovering Humanity in the World of Risk and Return

The finance industry is widely thought of as being morally suspect. Even those who work in finance tend to compartmentalize between their personal lives and how they get ahead professionally. Mihir Desai argues that not only is this preconception completely false but it’s detrimental to those who work in finance as well as the industry itself.

In this provocative work, Desai deftly sets out his unexpected thesis: there is actually a deep connection between finance and morality. At its root, these two worlds are both animated by the same question: How do we pursue and create value? Through the use of entertaining case studies, Desai shows how finance professionals can find a way to see their work as uplifting rather than dispiriting. Readers will rethink the way everyday business is done to reflect the core moral principles on which the financial field is truly based.
This game‐changing philosophy—part call to action and part prescriptive advice—urges those just entering the field as well those already enmeshed in the profession to entirely rethink their work in a way that will change their personal and professional lives for the better.

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