International Finance: A Casebook

Hoboken, NJ: John Wily & Sons, 2006

Hoboken, NJ: John Wily & Sons, 2006

These case studies offer a unique perspective on making financial decisions in a globalizing world. The cases build the basics of understanding international financial markets - including the economics of exchange rates and international asset allocation - and then consider how firm financing and investment decisions must adapt to international circumstances. The cases provide the opportunity to consider the most critical firm financial decisions - from foreign exchange hedging strategies, the financing of multinational firm subsidiaries, cross-border valuation, to how to measure and manage the risks of operating in emerging markets. Order your copy today.


“In today's global marketplace, being able to work seamlessly across borders is vital to a company's success. Unfortunately, many multinational companies lack a clear understanding of the finance issues they face, nor do they have the analytical capabilities to effectively manage these challenges. The case studies presented by Professor Desai in this text offer real-world insight into the complex world of multinational finance and provide an invaluable foundation for those charged with building a finance operation without borders.” —Jean Blackwell, CFO, Cummins Inc.

“Professor Desai discusses a plethora of real-world issues facing finance heads of global corporations. His approach and the firm-centric emphasis move beyond the conventional theoretical discourse and facilitate imparting of pragmatic skills and insights to aid the modern day practitioner of international finance.” —Mohan Pai, CFO, Infosys Inc.

“Financing, investing and risk management decisions for global corporations can't be made responsibly today without an in-depth understanding of global capital markets and the opportunities and pitfalls that they present. With responsibility for General Mills international businesses and as CFO, I found this casebook to provide a wonderful one-stop shop for understanding finance as it should be practiced at a world-class multinational.” —Jim Lawrence, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and International, General Mills, Inc.

“Multinational firms are central today to understanding the determinants and consequences of cross-border capital and product flows. Mihir Desai, an important scholar of these firms and flows, provides us with this casebook where he goes inside these firms to see how they make critical investment and financial decisions. Practitioners and scholars alike can benefit greatly from his invaluable insights.” —Jagdish Bhagwati, University Professor, Economics and Law, at Columbia University, and author of In Defense of Globalization

“Mihir has hit it on the nose – These days, cross-border transactions or dealing with foreign operations is part of the ordinary course of business. Yet, most textbooks provide little help with these circumstances. In today's environment, this book must be part of any financial manager's toolbox!” —Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui, CFO, Vitro S.A.